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Building Arms - Are You Obsessed
With 22 Inch Arms?
By Jean Lam

Let the truth be told. There are many guys who want to have a pair of huge arms. There can be several reasons like to impress the opposite sex, to appear stronger and to boost their self-confidence and self-esteem. Magazines of body building pros showing their big guns don't help at all. These guys dream of having these kind of arms and these images of rock solid and huge arms put them in a type of obsession that they need to get these arms one day. But did you know the arms of body building pros usually are around 20-22 inches? This is huge. But do you really need those type of arms? The answer is simply NO. Unless you are planning to become a body building pro one day and compete for major body building competitions like the Mr Olympia or others, then you don't need to build 20-22 inch guns. Bear in mind that not everybody can achieve these type of arms. Genetics also play some role in it. You can work hard to achieve this goal but you might end up near your goal rather than reaching it but still can be a great achievement and can allow you to compete in body building competitions for your category.

One thing that you should ask yourself is - If I don't intend to compete, why go after this goal? Yes it's true, why go after this goal? It's of no use trying to build that 20-22 or even 18-19 inch arms which is also very big if you are not going to compete. If your goal was just to become stronger, more confident and to amaze girls for instance, a 15-17 inch arms will be just enough. Even just achieving this kind of arm development is not easy. It will take months with smart and hard training coupled with proper nutrition and rest. So stop getting obsessed with the huge arms you saw in the magazines and focus on your own objective. Don't try to imitate or duplicate. Use the photo in the magazine as a motivation and determination but don't try to emulate or you will get discouraged if you don't reach your goal. Remember those body building pros have usually been training for 7-10 years or more. So this requires a lot of sacrifice, dedication and patience and it's not an easy sport. Body building is a lifestyle as well. But for sure, if you are after a 15-17 inch arms, you should work at it as well but not with the exact strict regimen body building pros go through. But you still need to stick to hard and smart workouts, proper nutrition like 4-6 meals per day and adequate rest and sleep. You need a high protein diet like skinless chicken breast, complex carbohydrates like oatmeal, fiber like green beans, healthy oils like olive oil and drink lots of water to keep you hydrated.

Once you start your routine, you should stick to it and be persistent. You would also need to add some body building supplements in your routine like whey protein powders, creatine, glutamine and others which will help you achieve your goal. If you are training home which is a good idea too, you can start with a pair of dumbbells and a bench. Remember that there are some powerful exercises which are called compound exercises eg bent over barbell rows which can also be performed with two dumbbells instead of a barbell. Apart from developing your lats and back muscles, this exercise will help grow your arms too because it solicit your arm muscles ie the biceps. And a compound exercise like the dumbbell press will also target your triceps apart the chest. With your dumbbells, you can do isolated exercises like alternate dumbbell curls and incline curls for the biceps and hammer curls to develop the brachialis, the muscle between the biceps and triceps. And don't forget your triceps, which accounts to about 60% of the upper arms muscle mass. To build the triceps, you can do overhead extension and skull crushers or lying triceps extension with one dumbbell.

Before you start any routine, design your goal first and don't try to raise the bar too high as well. See what's the reason you want to build those big arms and create a plan for your own goals and needs. It's not given for anyone to build 22 inch guns. Good luck.

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Jean Lam is the webmaster of Body Building Resource which provides articles on weight training, nutrition and fitness, body building book and DVDs.

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